USA Deaf Team Handball
Deaflympic Head Coaches Selection Procedures

Head Coaches for national/Deaflympic team handball teams for the 2003-2005 term shall be selected by a selection committee under the auspices of the USA Deaf Team Handball. There shall be one Head Coach for the men's team and one for the women's team. The selection of Head Coaches shall be selected prior to the first tryouts for the national teams and recommended to the USADSF Executive Board for approval.

The Head Coaches after being approved by the USADSF Executive Board shall select their own assistant coaches at least 60 days prior to the final tryouts, with the USADSF Board's approval.

Applicants shall submit a resume, letter of interest, references, and attached USADTH coach self-rating form to the USADTH Selection Committee chairperson by February 19, 2003. An announcement of the selected coaches shall be made by February 26, 2003. The paperwork should be sent to Kellie McComas, USADTH Logistics Coordinator, 14519 - 112th Avenue NE, Kirkland, WA 98034-4405 or email at

Information regarding the Deaflympics Head Coach positions and selection criteria shall be distributed through, but not limited to, e-mail, affiliated Team Handball organizations, USADSF, USADTH and USADTH web sites, clubs, high school association(s), and universities, wherever practical.

Kellie McComas, USADTH Logistics Coordinator, shall be the contact person.

Mandatory Eligibility Requirements by January 31, 2003:

Selection Committee:
The selection committee shall consist of the following individuals:

General Responsibilities of Head Coaches:
The USADTH Head Coach shall be responsible for recruiting, training, and preparing Team Handball team for the 2005 USA Deaflympics. The Head Coach shall work closely with the Director of Team Development of the 2005 USADSF Deaflympics Committee on the following expectations:

Assistant Coaches shall assist the Head Coaches as outlined below:

Applicants shall be selected based on the following criteria:

Selection Process of Head Coaches
The USADTH selection committee shall review all applications and may interview the candidates, as needed which may be conducted in person, telephone, FAX, or e-mail. The committee shall make their selections based on qualifications and interviews. Finalists in order of rank shall be recommended to the USADSF Executive Board for approval.

The USADTH selection committee then shall inform the selected Head Coaches.

Selection Process of Assistant Coaches
The USADTH Head Coaches then shall select their own assistant coaches, subject to the USADSF Board's approval. Applicants for the Assistant coach positions shall submit a letter of interest, resume, and two letters of references to USADTH Head coaches.

Due Process
Each candidate has the right to due process in accordance with the By-Laws of USADTH and USADSF.

Updated Januaury, 2003